“My wife and I had the opportunity to utilize TWG Travel for a European trip we took this time last year. While TWG typically books for hunters traveling abroad, they did an OUTSTANDING job with our travel arrangements.
They took care of all our flights and requested accommodations with ease. All flights and hotels stays were a breeze to check-in to since Tricia at TWG did an exceptional job at preparing us on what to expect all along the way.
We even hit a few snags along our trip and utilized TWG’s 24-hour assistance hotline. Patrick was able to sort out all our arrangements to get us back on the road.
We look forward to working with TWG for our future travels!”
– Karma Candle Makers 06/03/20


“I would absolutely not go on another hunting trip carrying weapons without using Patrick and TWG Travel. We were on Safari when everything sort of blew up with Covid-19, which would have ensured us being stranded in Africa for weeks. But since we booked with Patrick, he was calling and emailing us daily, keeping us on all our latest options and developments. Needless to say we had an amazing safari, made it home safely within the same time frame as originally planned, and with our families. Thank you again Patrick for all your help. You sir are a true professional.”
– Mark Nucci 03/30/20

“Patrick is a true professional! Between an airline company filing bankruptcy just before our safari, and the corona virus pandemic while we were away causing cancellations on our flights (twice!), he made sure we made it to South Africa and back home. All the while, making sure our rifles made it with us. Using TWG Travel is WELL worth it!!! Thanks Patrick for dealing with us and all the craziness of our trip!!! Definitely recommend using them for your future travel needs.”
– Mark Priest 03/28/20

“We traveled to South Africa during the world pandemic Coronavirus outbreak. Patrick still ensured we were able to have a good safari and be on the lookout for flight cancellations and transitions to ensure we would still make it home with our expensive equipment. We did. We couldn’t have done it without TWG. 5 Stars all the way.”
-Andrew Garay 03/27/20

“TWG helped me with arrangements to Africa in 2017 and I intend to enlist their services again. Their documentation was thorough and each step flawless. Service at the airports was impeccable, snag free and worry free. Peace of mind is worth a great deal more than their service fee. They delivered everything they promised.
Thorough, detailed, spot-on”
-Paris Jenkins 09/20/18

“Thank you Steve and Crew! You guys are the very best and we sincerely appreciate you and everything you do!”
-Captivate Outdoors 12/20/15

“You have always done a great job for our clients in the past and I look forward to working with you in the future.”
-Tim Farren 1/17/11


“After a less than satisfactory experience with a travel agency used on our second trip to Africa, we have booked our own flights for the past 14 years with no problems…until last year, when we had a protracted trip planned which involved visiting four different African countries and 4 different airlines. We contacted TWG and Patrick was able to sort thru the logistical nightmare and arranged everything, and it worked flawlessly. So, we had a couple of trips planned this year which we booked thru TWG and like many of you, our hunts/flights were cancelled. Patrick quickly arranged for the proper refunds/credits and we were pretty happy. We had also purchased a plan from RipCord for these upcoming trips to Namibia and hadn’t thought much about it until yesterday when an email arrived from TWG telling us that they had requested a credit on our behalf from RipCord, we hadn’t even thought about that. Today my wife rceived an email from RipCord telling her that a full credit had been applied and that the credit was valid in whole or in part for any trip we took, with no time limit. To me, that is great customer service from both TWG and RipCord.”
-Karl Evans 5/28/20

“Four of us were planned on leaving the US for Argentina tomorrow (May 28th). Patrick was great organizing our airfare refund. TWG is an outstanding company.”
-SDSpink 5/28/20

“With TWG available I’m surprised people would go anywhere else for their travel needs.”
-Calvin Pappas 5/28/20

“Travel With Guns is the best in the business, in my opinion.”
-Use Enough Gun 5/28/20

“Used Patrick at TWG in 2018 as well and had a great experience and will use again. Much preferred TWG over some other agents I’ve used in the past.”
-Sevens 5/28/20

“Yes, excellent service from TWG. I have a flight booked August 1st from Los Angeles to Harare and back on Emirates with a corresponding policy from Ripcord. I am hoping I still get to go….fingers crossed, but if not I know TWG/Ripcord will make things right…”
-GunsCore 5/28/20

“I was scheduled for a yacht-based black bear hunt this May in Alaska. Graduation present for my son so we were flying Alaskan Airlines biz class… well I guess everyone knows all Spring hunting seasons were cancelled. One call to TWG and Tricia had refunds lined up for me. Tim Herald was ahead of me in getting our trip pushed into May of 2021 with new dates already on the books. A word of advice from a guy who has traveled around the world hunting and fishing, use good agents and outfitters, you may pay a bit more but they make times like these stress free…
Thanks again to WTA and TWG for working with us on this!”
-bwanamrm 4/15/20

“My hat is off to TWG. I have been using Steve Turner for all my travel for some 20 years now. I have never had a single “hitch” with anything Steve did for me involving the total travel package with hotels, shuttle service, tours etc. Now Steve has done a terrific job in securing refunds etc on my now cancelled trip to Argentina, something that I am sure he did not do a helleva lot of. At least for me, this is my first time.
Anyway, if Steve Turner is doing your travel arrangements you are in damn good hands.”
-Hoot Murray 4/16/20

“I book through TWG who provides excellent service.”
-Tim Vining 10/1/19

“We had no problems with any of our luggage, including my rifle and ammunition, thanks to Steve Turner and his staff at TWG.”
-Michael Robinson 7/26/19

Patrick is on the ball all the time. Great group there.
-Greg Brownlee 5/28/19

“We normally book our own tickets, I have an aversion to travel agents after a bad experience with a well known company on our second trip to Africa several years ago. We have two trips coming up that will take us to more than one country, a couple of which we’ve never visited and know very little about, so we didn’t want to sort through all of the hundreds of flight combinations and contacted TWG. I was very surprised how quickly they were able to sort thru all of the options and come up with an itinerary that worked…and have made a couple of changes to that itinerary with no problems. One needed change arose yesterday evening and my wife sent an email about 6:30 pm asking the agent to see if it was too late to make the change and expected an answer sometime today. She received an email about 9:00 pm saying the change had been accomplished, that is good service. It was Patrick Wright at TWG, we’ll use him again.”
-Karl Evans 5/22/19